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Reliable technology solutions for financial institutions in capital market that align with highest level of best practices in industry by global service providers of FinTech solutions for banking and capital market

Software Solutions We offer business onboarding services for our strategic partners in terms of supporting setup of several models of technology and software solutions in cooperation with global network of service providers, to serve as one-stop technology station providing dedicated support for business technical infrastructure required to operate ideally in investment and trading floor of capital market along with highest level of commitment to best standards in industry.
We aim to playing the key role between the corporate customer and the service provider by acting as a professional technical supoprt and technology bridge that covering the inherent gap between business and its technical and technology requirements by translating the business requirements into functional technology solutions.

Trading Platforms

We support setup of Front-End user trading and cross platform responsive for web, desktop and mobile applications that required to operate and offer trading services in capital market, these turnkey trading platforms and technology solutions were adopted by global service providers in capital market such leading banks and brokerage houses worldwide e.i, Citibank, HSBC, Saxobank, Interactive Brokers, Equiti and much more. Meanwhile, we leverage our extensive expertise in Fintech industry to provide state-of-the-art technology support solutions over all stages of technical implementation of the trading platforms in cooperation with the technology service providers to ensure of . Hence, our focus extends beyond mere software development and support implementation of turnkey technology solutions; while we specialized in the meticulous ongoing support of sophisticated technologies for capital market. We understand that the success of any business lies in its seamless accessibility by end users especially in terms of technology solution, that raised our key function to cover all technical infrastructure setup of business details; including integration into existing infrastructure, specific regulation requirements, so that our technicians speak business as an added value.

Our services to provide the required technical supports for institutional clients -on independent basis- by secure setting up multiple trading platforms and relevant technology solutions such as; MetaTrader (MT4 / MT5), Global Trading Network (GTN), while your focus on client-centric approach and our understanding of the details of your business challenges are behind building long-lasting relationships with our clients and tailoring our services to exceed your expectations, even to set new benchmarks for excellence in services that backed by experienced professionals in both industries to get you covered for any upcoming technology challenges and help you to meet your business upgrade needs.

Management Terminals

We understand the key requirement of Back-End technology solutions to manage operations efficiently according to the business module adopted by organization, additionally we support technical setup of several advanced administration tools and back office consoles required for controlling operations and providing business analytics that fit your business model and cover day to day operational exposures and multi-tier function limits through multiple options of turnkey technology solutions were adopted by global service providers in capital market such leading banks and brokerage houses worldwide.

Our team of seasoned developers and business experts master determining business requirements and challenges to craft technology solutions designed specifically for the dynamic and intricate landscape of each business model in capital market or even through turnkey technology solutions of leading platforms provided by global service providers such as MT4 and MT5 terminals. We align our offerings with the unique needs of financial institutions, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality, in addition to secure operations flow from Front-to-Back end, either business model requires limited functionality for users or several access options, we cooperate with all parties to integrate systems and elevate business efficiency with a focus on scalability and security, to ensure that our services empower your business functionality to adapt to evolving digital transformation solutions and experience a new level of cohesion and performance in your business ecosystem with implementation of latest technology solutions.

CRM & ERP Systems

We support our institutional client needs of implementation comprehensive technology solutions that unlock the full potential of business requirements, we secure business with proven turnkey technology solutions through leading technology providers around the globe specializing in CRM and ERP systems tailored for the capital market and financial industry. Meanwhile, our team ensure of final delivery of required robust CRM and ERP solutions seamlessly to integrate with existing business infrastructure and relevant operations automation, comprehensive customer management, lead tracking, and communication tools. Additionally, we support advanced business requirements of real-time analytics and reporting features, to empowering business team with actionable insights for strategic decision-making. Moreover, we don't miss a focus on user-friendly interfaces and scalability beside dynamic performance of technical aspects, delivering a competitive Client Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning systems over cutting-edge CRM and ERP technologies.

Whenever business is growing, business comes in rapid need for further support services by dedicated team to meet the expanding demand, especially in terms of digital transformation while CRM and ERP systems will get your requirements covered through our global technology providers to enable several business functionalities, such as; operations automation, payment services (PSP), telephony service (VoIP), verification services (KYC), affiliates dashboard, ticketing system, client portal, API and more functions over reputable service providers such as Current Desk, Salesforce, SAP and Oracle which trusted by leading financial institutions in capital market.

Customized Solutions

At Bankerji, we stand at the forefront of the capital market technology landscape, our developers and business experts offering unparalleled expertise in crafting bespoke solutions for financial institutions, meanwhile specializing in End-to-End support of setup of business turnkey technology solutions starting from handling software implementation and integration until ensure of operating production and ongoing technical requirements, in addition to development of custom software solutions that cover business requirements at any point of business life cycle, that our solutions are meticulously designed to meet the complex demands of the services and products in industry. Additionally, our expert team can support evaluating your business needs and volumes if any other turnkey technology solution of professional platform required by leading service providers such as Refinitiv Eikon or Bloomberg to link you with global network of industry relationships and get you covered by any IT support for in-house technical implementations.

Our specialization sets us in a position in front of our commitment to not only delivering superior software solutions, but also providing the essential and advanced technical support required for seamless implementation, that is, our dedicated technical support team possesses deep industry knowledge, responsibility to ensuring a smooth integration of dedicated trading platforms into customer existing infrastructure while avoiding any potential obstacles, that we understand the critical nature of the capital market and provide round-the-clock support to address any challenges, minimizing downtime and optimizing performance. Beyond mere development, we excel in providing comprehensive setup services for technology solutions in the capital market. Our approach involves a meticulous technical setup, aligning our solutions with your unique requirements and ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your operations. Furthermore, our understanding of the diverse needs for our clients, led us to offer highly customizable solutions related to capital market technologies , whether it's in relevant to risk management, compliance or else requirements, our development team tailors solutions to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your business processes.

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